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We have an extensive selection of coffins, caskets, ashes caskets, urns and keepsakes to choose from, at our showroom in Tallow, Co. Waterford.

Helping a bereaved person

Grieving is difficult, it is difficult to go through and it is also difficult to witness. Here are some tips to help you support someone who is bereaved.

If someone you care about is bereaved

While everyone grieves in their own way, it is important to remember that feeling irritable, confused, relieved, bitter, angry or guilty is just as much a part of grieving as feeling sad and lonely. It is sometimes more challenging to support bereaved people through these emotions.

Following a death, bereaved people often find it hard to take care of day-to-day tasks. Their energy levels may be low, sleeping and eating patterns may be disrupted and their concentration and memory may be poor.

Bereaved people are likely to have some days when they feel they are doing quite well and other days when they may feel overwhelmed by their loss. Sometimes a difficult day may be triggered by an anniversary or a special day.

Hearing a certain song on the radio, seeing a familiar-looking figure on the street or smelling a certain scent can also impact on their grief, unexpectedly flooding them with memories. This means that their support needs can be very different depending on how they find themselves that day.

Most people will cope with their bereavement with support from family, friends and colleagues and with access to information on the grieving process. For some, additional support can be useful either from volunteers or peer support groups.